Frecuently Asked Questions / Preguntas

1. Why should I pay for a Bookkeeping service?

It depends on the business. For some businesses, a full time Bookkeeper is required, whether it stems from industry regulations or from sheer business size. Most small businesses employ bookkeepers quarterly (every 3 months), though some may only need to employ semi-yearly (6 months) or yearly (12 months)

2. What should I look for in a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper should be knowledgeable of the industry your business belongs to. A bookkeeper should also be an established person/business with the required credentials and background experience for your business to receive the best possible service. Credentials like business license, systems certifications, a designed website.

3. What is a fair price to pay for a Bookkeeper/Outsourced Bookkeeping Service?

While some Bookkeepers may simply charge a flat fee/rate, Bookkeeping fees tend to be based on business size, gross sales or transaction volume. Also, bookkeepers offer hourly rates or fixed price, We at GG Accounting Tax have a pricing page with information about our pricing, we base those prices on 2 factors: Transactions volume or Income Levels.

4. What is the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper?

While both can technically complete a bookkeeping service sometimes with no accounting background, Accountants tend to have better educational backgrounds, with college degrees and industry sectors that can ensure a better service while a Bookkeeper could be certified by one good sponsor.

5. What does a bookkeeper do?

Bookkeeping services can help you with budgeting for better decisions, we can handle your books while business’s owners are running the business and/or more hours in your day to focus. Analysis financial statements in a timely manner to help to make important decisions in the business present or future. Reconciliation in the books to accurately maintain the business financial information.

6. Should I do my monthly or quarterly my bookkeeping?

The bookkeeping service time will determine for many reasons, the most important are: the kind of business, business industry, size, owners, or shareholders members they may need monthly reports to calculate profits sharing, if a business needs to file sales tax monthly this is one important reason.

7. What is the purpose of having bookkeeping services?

Bookkeeping services for tax purposes is one reason why we do the books, sometimes business owners are involved in the business with not enough time to get the payments and receipts for their business, with outsourced bookkeeping services you have more hours in your day to focus on your business.

8. What benefits of hiring an Accountant instead of doing it yourself?

Accountants have a strong background in business, taxes, IRS regulations, and Audit-process. If you hire outsourced accounting services at GG Accounting Tax one benefit is your Audit-proof business with detailed documentation required by the IRS.

9. Why is it important to pick a niche for bookkeeping?

Accountants can focus time and energy on one industry and learn how to manage finances for that niche. Niche allows you the opportunity to specialize in the part of accounting that your business really needs. Niching has te power to increase profitability and forge deeper connectivity with clients. Having a niche will allow you to build up a reputation and credentials as an expert within your given field or accountancy.

10. How do Accountants charge fees?

Before our potential clients engagement, we offer an estimate, if not a fixed fee, for the work to be done. We offer an initial conference to review your financial situation including Accounting-Bookkeeping and Tax situation, and to determine our objectives in setting up a monthly service. After this review a letter of recommendation is prepared and sent to you, describing the work to be done, the monthly packages your business fit and an estimate of the fees the accountant will charge to
complete it.

1. Que es mejor, una Contadora o una asistente contable?

Las dos profesiones son buenas, sin embargo para garantizar un trabajo en negocios mas complejos, una Contadora debe revisar y finalizar reportes emitidos antes de la declaracion de Impuestos o la toma de decisiones. 

2. Que es mejor, hacer entradas contables o detallar las transacciones como la realidad?

siempre va ser mejor el registro contable de transacciones como es la realidad del negocio, algunas ocasiones para ajustar los estados financieros es mejor hacer entradas contables documentadas, aqui en GG Accounting Tax ofrecemos el servicio detallado contable con base a su realidad, no forzamos los numeros, no hacemos entradas para “conciliar la declaracion” el servicio que proveemos es en base a la realidad del negocio sobretodo el en servicio contable al mes.

3. Que busco en una Contadora? 

Debes buscar profesionalismo, actitud de servicio, capacidad de resolucion de problemas y soporte, un contador que solo esta sentado contestando correos, o solo se mueve en base a demanda, no es proactivo es reactivo.

4. Mi Contadora me da el soporte que necesito? como lo evaluo?

Se evalua en base a resultados, necesitas comprar un activo? y a veces debes consultar a tu contadora, necesitas hacer un gasto? tienes que llevar su asesoria, no todos los contadores estan licenciados para darte consejeria a nivel de impuestos, solo los contadores licenciados como es tu Contadora GG. 

5. No me decido, un empleado o un Contador externo?

La respuesta es depende el negocio, si tu negocio es lo suficiente activo para tener un volumen de carga de trabajo mensual entonces un empleado, pero si solo facturas y haces cheques en el sistema contable mas usado, con una Contadora Externa que te haga el cierre contable cada mes es suficiente y ahorraras en costos.

6. Cuanto deberia pagar a una Contadora?

El precio deberia ser de acuerdo a: volumen de trabajo, ingresos del negocio, aporte de tu Contadora y considerando si tienes empleados que ademas se ocupen de esto.

7. Me sirve mas un empleado? o un Contador licenciado?

Para negocios pequeños es mejor una Contadora lienciada externa que te va a guiar en como crecer, tiene la licencia autorizada para darate asesoria legal.

8. Si mi empleado dice saber el sistema contable mas usado, es Contador?

Desafortunadamente, no lo sabemos ni hay garantia que una persona sepa el sistema contable mas usado y sea contador, o al revez, son contadores pero no entienden bien el sistema, lo mejor es ver su historial, publicaciones de certificacion y su experiencia. 

9. Para que? quiero o necesito un contador?

Para que te mantenga al dia en cuestiones de impuestos, regulaciones con estados, temas contables que repercuten y pudieran afectar tu negocio. 

10. Si yo puedo hacer el trabajo, deberia contratar a un Contador externo?

Depende, si tu eres un negocio pequeño que sobrelleva las transacciones del negocio como facturar, gastos, reportes, bancos, separar cuentas personales de negocio , ademas de sus gastos, no te haria tanta falta un contador externo, pero si esto te lleva tiempo que ocupas y mejor seria ocupar par crecer tu negocio, entonces bien vale la pena la inversion.