Who we are

Established in 2016, we’re a client-focused firm dedicated to making sure you get the most out of our services. Our client base includes individual entrepreneurs, mid-sized companies, and medium-large corporations. Although the office in Miami, FL, GG Accounting Tax virtual works with companies throughout the United States and Latin America.

If you decided to do business with us, we’ll give you financial, accounting, and tax advice, that is in tune with the current economy, accounting standards, and tax regulations, with what you can do to maximize your tax refund, reduce your taxable income legally and to ensure the accuracy of your Financial Statements.

What we do

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Tax Purposes, QuickBooks Services, Income Tax Services, Corporate Tax Services, IRS Representation Services, and Taxation Services.

Payroll, Notary Services, Sales Tax Filing, and Quarterly Services. Advance computer skills and superior capacity with high experience doing business with LATAM.

More than 10+ years of professional experience working in the Accounting-Taxes field to provide a service in the standard levels. Small business owner/operator with 6+ years of experience!

“Your job is not to be a fire killer. Your job is to prevent fires”-Sam Carpenter.


  • Accounting-Bookkeeping for businesses with up to $10 million annual revenue
  • Niche market: Manufacturers, Retailers-Stores, E-Commerce business, Car dealerships, Professional Services* and Non-profits (Churchs or Educational).* see our niches tab
  • QuickBooks Advanced Certified Proadvisor
  • Payroll for Small Businesses with employees up to 10
  • Corporate Tax filing:  S-Corps, C-Corps, and LLCs (single or multi members)
  • Income Tax filing: W2,1099s, Stocks, Capital Gains, Retirements Accts and 1040Xs Amendments due to fraudulent tax returns
  • IRS Notices and Letters: Audits, Examinations, and Representation.

–Don’t waste your time-money-reputation-etc with NO professional Tax Preparers! /     “An Accountant that takes care of your Money”  / Una Contadora que cuida tu dinero

Operator Entrepreneur

Guillermina Gomez “GiGi” BBA, EA, A.T.M.

Senior Tax Accountant- QuickBooks Certified Proadvisor Advanced

Guillermina Gomez “GiGi” is an Enrolled Agent (EA) Federally-Licensed Tax Practitioner admitted to practice before the IRS by the U.S.Department of the Treasury and have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Enrolled agents specialize exclusively in taxes – that’s why they’re known as America’s tax experts. 

Gigi holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Accounting Technology Management Certificate (ATM) from the Florida State College at Jacksonville. She’s taking Accounting Credits to seat for the CPA. She specialized in Small Businesses Accounting for Tax Purposes.

While working full time in the industry for the last 10+years where she got experience in Accounting & Taxation with an emphasis on small businesses to provide a service at the standard levels. Her ongoing tax education and experience will be beneficial for clients looking for personal and business tax preparation, representation services, Accounting-Bookkeeping, QuickBooks Services, as well.

 She is a dedicated student always looking for new tax codes and accounting journals, being a Quickbooks Advanced Certified Proadvisor, for the last years, including Desktop and online versions, plus she has important technology skills that work today demands. She is a professional and ethical registered tax preparer. She worked Remotely (phone or internet) and had to implement digital tools to offer her clients benefits during this time, for example, Secure Client Portal, E-signatures, Zoom Consultations among many others. 

 –One of the few things that GiGi enjoys about her work is building lasting relations with all of her clients. –No client is too big or too small as she enjoys working through solutions with all of them

 – Professional Behavior, Accounting Ethics and IRS Enrolled Agent Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct! / Conducta profesional, etica en Contabilidad y licenciada federal en acuerdo con el Codigo de Etica y Reglas Profesionales de Conducta por parte del servicio de Rentas Internas IRS  “Lo bueno de ser Honesto es que hay poca competencia”–

Speaks Spanish. / Hablo Español